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Letting Go to Save Yourself

BY: DOROTHY STEPHENSON I have a wood stove at my house. That’s how I mainly heat my home. This year, after cutting and splitting firewood, I noticed a few pieces that featured an intricate collage of moss and fungi. (I’ve recently been hanging out with my artistic cousin, Erica, who loves using natural elements in her floral creations. Seeing her in action has given me a whole new appreciation for things I typically took for granted – like moss on a piece of wood.)

“You have to slow down because before you know it, time is gone, and you can’t get time back.” – My Grandma

BY DOROTHY STEPHENSON Almost every Wednesday, I take my grandmother out to eat. She can’t drive anymore, she’s slowly losing her eyesight due to macular degeneration, and she recently fell and chipped her hip socket, so she’s confined to a wheelchair until she heals. Going to the restaurant in town is her social time and her outings throughout the day.