No-Guilt Keto Desserts for the Holidays

Pumpkin pie, peanut butter cookies, brownies… I’ll admit – I can’t make it through the holidays without sugary Christmas treats. Who can? And why should we, right? YOLO! In an effort to not increase my waistline so much this holiday season, I’ve compiled a few Keto Christmas recipes to enjoy. Then, I can kick back and watch White Christmas with all the snacking and no guilt!

Keto Brownies

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Thanks to Almond Flour and Swerve (or whichever Keto-friendly sweetener is your go-to) you can create brownies that are just as good as the original but won’t pack on the pounds. (I’ve included quick affiliate links to each of these ingredients, so you can easily order straight from Amazon.)

According to the Recipe Nutrition Calculator on, this chocolatey treat will only set you back a total of 8.6 grams of carbs (9.6 g of carbs minus 1 g of dietary fiber) and 7.8 grams of total sugar per brownie.

Also according to the Recipe Nutrition Calculator, the non-Keto version of this recipe would include all-purpose flour and granulated sugar, which would increase the total carb count to a whopping 57 grams of total carbs (59.4 g of carbs minus 2.4 g of dietary fiber) and 22.5 grams of total sugar per brownie.

If your response was something like: “Holy spit!!” then you had a similar reaction to mine.



Keto Pumpkin Pie

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For most, this dessert is a must-have around the holidays, and there are certain visitors that wait ALL. YEAR. LONG. for that seasonal taste. (I’m one of them!) Surprise your guests and your tummy with this Keto-friendly spin on a classic Christmas tradition.

At just 16.9 grams of carbs per slice (22.8 g of carbs minus 5.9 g of dietary fiber), this method easily beats its high-carb, high-sugar counterpart, which dishes out 26.5 grams of total carbs (28.4 g of carbs minus 1.9 g of dietary fiber).  I’d say everyone including your skinny jeans will appreciate this new take on an old treat.




Homemade Keto Tortilla Chips

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There’s always yummy cheese balls or dips scattered throughout the holidays. Generally, what you’re dipping those crisps in are mostly safe for a Keto diet. It’s just the chips themselves that get you in trouble.

This recipe offers only 1.5 grams of total carbs (2.6 g of carbs minus 1.1 g of dietary fiber) per 8 chips, whereas the regular Tostitos chips are around 18 grams of carbs for a serving of 13 chips. (That math breaks down to .19 grams of carbs versus 1.38 grams of carbs per chip!)

Enjoy all the crab dip, bacon and spinach dip, queso, spinach artichoke dip, onion dip and more your heart desires! (Okay… maybe not ALL your heart desires, but a good portion of it!)



Keto Peanut Butter Cookies

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Here’s another holiday staple, but this recipe won’t leave you feeling guilty like the traditional one might! One of Grandma’s normal Peanut Butter cookies could contain somewhere around 11 total grams of carbs and approximately 6 grams of total sugars; however this Keto-friendly recipe only features an attractive 4.1 total grams of carbs (6.1 g of carbs and 2 g of dietary fiber).

What’s more? It only contains three simple ingredients that can be found in most any kitchen. So if you need a quick, easy, and simple addition to your holiday snack smorgasbord, just pull out the peanut butter, eggs, and artificial sweetener!




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