Though I’m not a mom, I have many friends who are. And though they love their children, full-time, no-break parenting during the COVID-19 quarantine can be super stressful on parents:

  • Constantly entertaining
  • Struggling to keep kids on a healthy, set schedule
  • Worrying if children are becoming depressed or complacent
  • Finding some bit of normalcy
  • Putting parental self-care on the back burner

Constantly entertaining is enough to send my introverted-self running…

I’ve talked to several of my Mama Friends, who are dealing with the above stresses, and I’ve found something I believe will help them, their kiddos, and the entire family.

This inexpensive tool will give your brain a break from planning and allow you some downtime while still keeping the family entertained and active!

11 Workbooks & Printables, 5 E-Courses, 4 E-Books & a Summit

As promised, I only recommend products and services I believe to be truly helpful. (I’m not looking to become an emotionless salesperson!)

While I’m an affiliate with this company (Ultimate Bundles) and do earn a sales commission, I truly believe this inexpensive product bundle can absolutely benefit some of my personal Mama Friends.

So I’m putting this out there in case this low-cost bundle can help you and your familia.

(My Mama Friends out there… You know who you are, and I’m looking at you! CHECK THIS OUT!!)

Here’s the breakdown for the

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PURCHASE Stay-At-Home Survival Bundle!

For only


you can get the following resources (a combined value of $493.19)!


While I haven’t tried this particular package, I’ve read through the product list, and there’s lots of FUN AND EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES not only FOR CHILDREN but also FOR PARENTS. (Things I know my Mama Friends out there can use!!)


(7 products worth $140.94)

Calendars for Kids by Hena Bilal (Printable valued at $11.00) A calendar is the first tool for teaching your kids to stay organized. Just give it a year!

How to Draw by Kathy Barbro (Workbook valued at $25.00) A collection of 200 tutorials created by an art teacher.

Letters Around The World by Molly Callister (Workbook valued at $15.00) A preschool learning packet that introduces children to 26 new countries around the world, one for every letter of the alphabet!

Life Cycle Bundle by Jolanthe Erb (Workbook valued at $6.00) Learn all about the life cycle of both the monarch butterfly and the frog with these two printable activity packs.

Nature Journaling by Hannah Stevenson (eBook & Workbook valued at $18.95) A thoughtful resource for those who are just starting out.

Teaching Reading Through Play: A 36-week Early Reading Course by Lisa Tanner (Workbook valued at $45.00) Help your child take their knowledge of the alphabet and learn to read with these carefully sequenced games and activities.

The Activity Gratitude Journal For Kids by Katy Boykin (Workbook valued at $19.99) Help your child cultivate an attitude of gratitude in a fun and creative way!

(4 products worth $179.00)

Back to Basics: The Screen Time Formula by Nicolle Embra (eCourse valued at $67.00) Find your family’s screen time formula!

Digital Homeschool Convention: America Homeschools Edition by Holly Chubb (Summit valued at $39.00) A crash course in how to homeschool when you never imagined you would be homeschooling!

Family Conversation Cards by Katie McGowen (Printable valued at $3.00) Spark fun discussions with your family as you go through these 80 conversation starters.

The Intentional Stay-at-Home Mom by Amy Webb (eCourse valued at $70.00) A course to help moms find more joy and meaning in their role at home by focusing on mindset change, self-care, and activities.

(5 products worth $92.82)

Better Than a Box by Katie Kimball (eBook valued at $16.95) 

Digital Scrapbooking for Absolute Beginners by Melissa Shanhun (eCourse valued at $47.00) Learn simple steps to create your own digital scrapbook pages.

Emergency Medical Information Set by Susie Glennan (Printable valued at $5.99) Keep all your important emergency medical information at your fingertips.

Spring Seasonal Living by Kathie N. Lapcevic (eCourse valued at $17.00) Flourish in all the goodness of the spring season with an eCourse dedicated to using all the earth provides in its natural rhythm.

Your Footprint: 64 Ways for You to Save the Planet by Fiona Sims (eBook valued at $5.88) Learn different ways you can make changes or adjustments in your life to help save the planet.

(3 products worth $43.44)

Anti-Stress Mandalas Adult Coloring Book by Kim Mills (Printable valued at $6.45) 20 fun and relaxing patterns to color and enjoy.

Gratitude Builds Fortitude 30-Day Challenge by Holly Bertone (eCourse valued at $9.99) Build your fortitude with 30 easy daily gratitude challenges!

The Tired Mom’s Guide to Getting It Done by Allison Kijak (Workbook valued at $27.00) This guide will reveal things that have been holding you back and show you how to overcome them by creating a realistic plan of action to finally get it done.

(2 products worth $36.99)

Profitable Work at Home Starter Kit by Chhavi & Amit (Workbook valued at $27.00) All you need to unlock the secrets and launch a profitable service-based online business in a short time.

The Best Work-From-Home Jobs For 2020: 144 Legitimate Remote Jobs That Are (Almost) Always Hiring by Annie Sandmeier (eBook valued at $9.99) This book links you directly to 144 work-from-home companies that are nearly always hiring.

PURCHASE Stay-At-Home Survival Bundle!


There you have it! 

Like I mentioned, I’m a satisfied customer of Ultimate Bundles. I purchased the Ultimate Bloggers Tool-Kit over a year ago, and I’m STILL going through and benefiting from all the awesome resources.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

AND if you try this product, share what you think in the comments below!



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  1. I loooove Ultimate Bundles, they always have such a great variety of cool things! As a mom who’s certainly struggling during this time, I could really use more resources like these- thanks!

  2. This seems like a great value for price! So many tools and activities to help ease the stress of parents. Very nice find and I’m sure many parents out there would be grateful to read about this!

    1. Hey Matt! That’s what I thought, too! I figure even if a mama reader can harness only HALF of the resources here, it’s still a great price! Thanks for reading!

  3. Such great information! I love to see that even though you are not a Mamma you still have provided so much great information and tools for readers. Looking forward to connecting and reading more of your blog posts!

    1. Thank you, Jenna!!! Yes, I have a lot of mama friends, so I hope it helps some of them. I love your blog, too, and I look forward to reading more of your posts as well!

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