Embracing Your “Flaws”

Think about something you don’t like about yourself.

For me, it used to be my goofiness. My un-smoothness. Very, VERY rarely could I pull off anything close to sheek. I never recall a moment where I could fluidly glide through a room giving an appearance of polished togetherness. If I tried, I would inevitably stub my toe mid-glide and trip forward for about the next five strides while everyone hid their giggles.

Nope, I’m not elegant, but for so long I wished it was. (And occasionally, I still do.)

My goofiness started at a very young age. My sister will regale any crowd with stories of my humorous childhood. How, at two-years-old, I tried to squeeze myself into a doll baby bed just to see if I could. How, when I was a baby, I couldn’t comprehend puckering my lips to kiss, so I would just roll my wide-open mouth around on someone’s cheek in a way that looked like I was trying eat their face.

Images to go along with the infamous “doll baby bed” story… SMH…

I grew up on a farm, so there was always mischief to get into. My mother loves recalling memories of me riding my first calf. Yes… a baby calf… named Poke-A-Dot. As I write this, I can’t even imagine what thoughts went through my head to convince me that was a good idea. My mother will tell listeners she was at the kitchen sink washing dishes and heard my distressed “wh-wh-WHOA!!!!” coming through the window. She looks out and there I was on the back of a bucking baby calf holding on for dear life.

Yeah… I have never been smooth.

Me and Poke-A-Dot (Aka: Pokey)

Fast forward to high school when I wore plaid pajama-looking pants to school. (That was in the throws of ninth grade when the popular girls were worried about good fashion, so they picked on the weird girl that wore even weirder clothes.) What’s more? I made that non-trend-setting-decision the day of a school assembly, so not only did I sport un-cool attire that day, but I actually paraded it in front of the entire school. The funny thing was – as with most goofy things I did – I didn’t realize I was doing anything “wrong” at the time. I was just being me. Until some idiot popular (mean) girl decided to snicker at me.

My goofiness followed me all the way to adulthood. In college, I was thankful that “different people” like me were accepted more easily than in elementary and high school. I was goofy, but instead of being ridiculed, people didn’t seemed to notice. I was, of course, still aware of it hiding under the surface ready to pop out like a bad zit. And it did, on occasion. “Why can’t I just be normal?” I thought.

Fast forward to my mid-thirties… SCREW NORMAL! I’m still as goofy as ever (Probably? Hopefully!), but I embrace it! Of course, there are times where I still embarrass myself, but I don’t care. I just shrug my shoulders, giggle at myself, and go on.

I was recently hanging out with a friend. We were strolling up the sidewalk and came to a flight of stairs. Him, being the cool, GQ-looking model he is, stylishly jogged up the stairs with no effort. Meanwhile, me, being the clutz I am, attempted to gently skip up the stairs behind him until my big toe caught the edge of the step. Flailing my hands and feet, I fell around on the staircase for about 5 “one-thousand’s” until I finally re-gained my composure. I got tickled at myself, and let out a surge of giggles. My friend turned around, chuckled at me, rolled his eyes in loving acceptance, and we continued to climb the stairs. “That’s me!!” I shouted as we continued our ascent. He just shook his head and smiled.

Embracing my goofy while enjoying a Butterbeer at the Wizarding World in Orlando.

So yeah, I realize I can try with all my might to be lady-like, but in the end and deep inside, I will always be goofy me, and I am totally okay with that. In fact, these days, I prefer it.

So what is something not exactly graceful about yourself? A trait that isn’t ideal but adds to your character whether its a personality trait or a physical attribute? I’ve named mine – my goofiness. Now, what’s yours?

Think on it.

Nail it down.

You got it?


What would happen if you not only accepted that “un-graceful” thing, but let it shine out in all it’s goofy glory? Maybe that seemingly “less-than-stellar” trait is actually something that makes you the person you are and, whether you initially thought so, the person you kinda love to be.

I mean, after all… When I think about my goofiness… Sure… cool and refined, gorgeous and sleek sounds nice… But where’s the fun in that? Even though I wear black a lot, that certainly isn’t the color of my personality. I want a bold, fun, lively, COLORFUL personality! Having it all together seems boring.

So really, my goofiness is actually a big part of who I am and who I want to be – a bright, wide-open, adventurous, unique woman!

What about you?

Does your “unpolished” attribute tie in to who you really are? If so (and if you find yourself trying to cover it up), let it shine!! Embrace it! Be you in all your “ungraceful” glory! Life’s too short to hide the best parts of yourself, the real parts of yourself. Embrace who you truly are. Unleash your true self on the world, and experience it wide-open while you can! And if you happen to be goofy like me, giggle at yourself and move on. I guarantee you’ll find life to be a lot more happy! I know I do.

About the author

Hi! I'm Dorothy! First off, thank you for visiting Life's A Dance! Secondly, you're reading this to find out more about me, so.... Long story short: I grew up on a cattle operation in the mountains of western Virginia, where I still live today. I enjoy Clogging, teaching at my dance studio, reading, writing, traveling, trying to be artistic, and finding new and improved ways to work while still enjoying this wonderful blessing we've been given - life. I'm a dreamer and an outside-the-box thinker that lives life slightly differently than most and is not a fan of conventionalism. I believe in living out loud, stopping to smell the roses, loyalty to family and friends, and being grateful to look up at a beautiful, blue sky.