Whether you’re stuck inside during Coronavirus quarantine or simply a rainy day, these happy, funny, and uplifting movies you likely forgot about are among my top picks of films to watch! (Just click on the links to watch!)

1. Angels in the Outfield

One of my feel-good faves when I was a kid!

When Roger (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a boy in foster care, asks his father when they’ll be a family again, his father’s sarcastic reply is “When the Angels win the pennant…” So Roger prays for God to help the Angels, a terrible team coached by a fed-up George Knox (Danny Glover). Enter Al (Christopher Lloyd), the head angel tasked to answer Roger’s prayers. A hilarious bunch of miracles – gravity-defying fly balls, zig-zagging grounders, and more – leaves the team and fans confused and Roger watching a ball-playing heavenly host in amazement. (It’s also an early movie for Matthew McConaughey. See if you can pick him out in his small supporting role.)


2. The Three Musketeers

This is a movie I recently rediscovered – definitely a feel good film I forgot about.

A perfect all-star cast combination… When D’Artangnan (Chris O’Donnell) sets out to become a Musketeer like his father once did, he finds Cardinal Richelieu (Tim Curry) has disbanded the Musketeers as part of his scheme to take over. As D’Artagnan feels his way through the city, he manages to tick off (and schedule duels) with three gentlemen – Athos (Keifer Sutherland), Portos (Oliver Platt), and Aramis (Charlie Sheen). Unbeknownst to D’Artagnan, these men happen to be three rebel Musketeers, who were unaccounted for during the disbandment. After introductions, the four team up for a high-energy adventure to bring down Cardinal Richelieu, save the kingdom, and restore the famous Musketeers.


3. Babe

That’ll do, Pig. That’ll do.”

Gentle farmer Author Hoggett (James Cromwell) wins a orphaned piglet named Babe (Christine Cavanaugh) at the county fair. After making his home at the Hoggett farm, Babe is adopted by a motherly border collie named Fly (Mariam Margolyes), who teaches Babe the ropes of being a sheepdog. But a pig herding sheep? Together Farmer Hoggett and Babe (AKA: “Pig”) team up to show the county and the barn lot what they can do and prove anyone (or any animal) can do anything.



4. City Slickers

Another one of my faves as a child. The open-credits cartoon is reason enough to watch this. I used to crack up, rewind, and crack up again before the actual movie even started.

Mitch (Billy Crystal), a middle-aged, big-city radio ad salesman, and his friend Ed (Bruno Kirby) and Phil (Daniel Stern) are all experiencing a mid-life crisis. As a result, Ed and Phil decide the best birthday gift for Mitch is a two-week holiday in the wild west driving cattle from New Mexico to Colorado. During their adventure, they meet Curly (Jack Palance), who not only teaches them how to be real cowboys, but also passes along lessons of life and living in the untamed west. (And if you like this one, also check out City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly’s Gold, which is equally good!)


5. Last Holiday

I’m always in the mood for this one! A woman embracing herself and not giving a crap what people think. I guess anyone would do that if they only had three weeks to live.

After learning of her terminal illness, Georgia Byrd (Queen Latifah), a shy department store clerk, decides to spend all her savings on a trip to Europe’s posh Grandhotel Pupp. Georgia checks into the Presidential Suite, orders everything on the menu, snowboards, bungee jumps, and grabs the attention of the hotel’s celebrity chef, Chef Didier (Gerard Depardieu), as well as powerful American guests – a Congressman, a Senator, and a retail magnate and his mistress. Since she has nothing to lose, Georgia is herself all the way, and it ends up turning heads and working out pretty good for her in the end especially when her crush Sean Matthews (LL Cool J) eventually professes his love for Georgia.

There’s more out there! I want to see your feel-good movie suggestions in the comments below!

Here are a few suggestions from my awesome blogger friends!

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  1. The Three Musketeers is one of my favourite films ever. I always used to watch this film growing up and I love the book. I always had a thing for Aramis and I loved him even more in the TV series that was created a few years ago! Babe was another film I loved too and it’s been a while since I’ve watched it. I may have to rewatch this weekend. These are all great films!

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